How To Avoid SEO Disaster During The Website Redesign Or Migration?

By on February 22, 2018

Redesigning the existing website or migrating the site to the new content management system is a tedious process as it will have some effect on the SEO works as well. But when done right, the process should be a fruitful one. Here let’s see some strategies for migrating the website without affecting the SEO works.

How To Avoid SEO Disaster During The Website Redesign Or Migration

Things to consider before migration:

There are many reasons to redesign the website, you may need to improve the performance, user experience improvements, etc. Hence this should be done without affecting the SEO works. When it comes to migration or changing the CMS, On-Page optimization works should not be affected as it will take some time to rebuild it once they are gone.

Avoid SEO Disaster During The Website Redesign Or Migration

When you aware of which context or overall architecture that you are working. Then you can plan to protect your On-Page Optimization works like URL, page title, meta description, content, alt-text, etc. If you are planning to change the structure of the website, then there are possibilities for the URL to get modified, hence this should be done with higher attention to detail.

Redirection Setup:

As the modification of the website structure will result in URL modification. This will end up in showing “404 page not found” errors. This can be sorted by setting proper redirection for all pages. Once the redirections are set properly, even though if the users visit the old link, they will be redirected to the new one. This will reduce the “404 page not found” errors.

Tips to Avoid SEO Disaster During The Website Redesign Or Migration

Things to Check after migration:

Once the website is successfully migrated. you should check certain things like On Page data, redirections and many more. This will ensure that the old data remains unaffected. In case if the On-Page activities are affected, then it will take even months of time to regain its old authority among the search engines. As a business people, before migrating the website you may consult with the professional SEO Consultant in the city to get some insights. SEO Experts will guide you to migrate or restructure the websites without dropping your old rankings on Search Engines.

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