Google Reports About The Update On March 07 – Its About Relevancy

By on April 12, 2018

Google has updated its algorithm to provide the users with the most relevant results for their search queries. Recently in March, Google has rolled out another update to its algorithm. There was a huge shuffle of the rankings of the website after this update. Officially Google has said that this update was purely based on the relevancy and not on any other terms.

Google Reports About The Update On March 07 - Its About Relevancy and not quality

Are your ranks shuffled?

Wonder, how this update has affected the rankings of certain web pages ranking on top of the SERP. Maybe your website may be ranking on top before this update and now it may be dropped down. Reason for this is it doesn’t mean that your site has low-quality content or other stuff. Google has reported that this latest update is nothing to do with the content on the website, it’s purely based on the relevancy. If your site doesn’t rank for certain search query means, that your website is not relevant to that search query.

Google Reports About The Update On March 07 - Its About Relevancy

How to get back to the top?

If your site has dropped from the top of Google’s SERP after this update, it does not mean that your website is a bad site. Analyze your website deeply and find some internal errors on the site and fix the same to get back on top. Make the users engage more time on your website. According to Google, if users spend more time on your website, then Google will think that there is really some potential content on your website and will give a rank boost to your website.

Add attractive content to the landing page to make the users spend some time there. For instance, you can add attractive videos about your business or any infographics which makes the users engage with your website more time.

Google About The Update On March 07 - Its About Relevancy

Thus as a business owner, when your website ranks have dropped. there is nothing to think about it. Just add more attractive content to your landing page and reduce the bounce rate of the website. This will ideally help the ranks to climb up back on the Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).