How Image Alt Tags Helps In Improving The Ranks On SERP?

By on May 25, 2018

Alt tag of the images in the content remains as the core SEO factor though there are lots of algorithm updates rolled out by Google. As an SEO analyst, you should give more importance to the Alt tags of the images in order to make the webpage search engine friendly and to rank on top […]

SEO Tip: How H2 Tags Impacts Your Ranks?

By on May 22, 2018

Skipping H2 tags effects SEO or not? Well, there are lots of core factors in SEO which remains the same though there are tons of updates rolled out by Google over a period of time. The core SEO factors like heading tags remain the same over many days. It’s important to follow the same though […]

SEO For Your Business Visibility and Branding

By on May 22, 2018

SEO has been one of the fields where you can explore every day. There will be new updates, new technologies, new tools and a new way of approaching SEO. One can understand that when a field has these many characteristics added to it, everyone will engage with it to gain more knowledge. So, let’s discuss […]

How To Choose The Right SEO Company For Your Business?

By on May 21, 2018

Well, SEO is the technique by which you can make the website to rank on top of the SERP for the user searched keyword. This is an optimization technique which is done by the professional SEO Consultants to make your website to rank on top of the search engine results page. As a business owner, […]

SEO Process

How a Newbie can Start an SEO Process?

By on May 21, 2018

Everyone around us started to understand the importance of digital medium, which makes a huge difference in businesses to gain income. In such scenario, digital marketing has become one of the top emerging industry in India that can assist any business to grow online. Digital marketing can be processed through different platforms in different ways. […]

SSL Certificate: Google Chrome Issues Final Warning on HTTPS

By on May 18, 2018

What is SSL Certificate? SSL called as the secured socket layer is digitally bound cryptographic key which installed on the web server of your domain will keep your site secure. Installing the SSL on the domain means it is not meant that it is safe from the hackers. SSL will just protect the information which […]